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List of Selected Papers 2009



Code no.



F 1-A 12 Strategy & Structure in a Virtual Organization Nazim U Ahmed & Shushil S. Sharma
F 1-A 23 Searching for shoes that feet the aching feet Parvez Mahmud 
F 1-A 26 Supportive interpersonal communication as an antecedent for effective management AKM Mominul Haque Talukder & Ashik Imran Khan
F 1-A 16 Innovation as a survival strategy during the global financial crisis: The Bangladesh case Ali Quazi and Majharul Talukder
D 1-B 14 Export Potential In India Hitendra Bargal, Manasranjan Dashmishra & Ashish Sharma
D 1-B 28 Causality between Industrial Production and Exports in Bangladesh Gazi Salahuddin, A M Noman
D 1-B 8 Missing link between the Draft CC for TCs and CSR paradigms  Mia Mahmudur Rahim
C 2-A 5 Global Financial Crisis & Recession: Experiences From The Past and Lesson for Bangladesh Taneem Muzaffar, Parvez Karim Abbasi & M.A. Hossain Khan
C 2-A 32 Implications of Global Financial Crisis for International Negotiations on Climate Change Challenges & Responses Mostafa M. Naser
C 2-A 21 The Global Financial Crisis: Challenges and Opportunities for the Bangladesh Economy Muhammad Mahboob Ali, Anisul M. Islam
C 2-A 25 The US Financial Crisis, Global Recession and Monetary Policy: An Assessment from the East Asian Perspective A.M. Akhtar Hossain
C 2-A 6 Impact of Global Recession & Possible Remedies for Bangladesh Syed Kamrul Islam & Amitabh Bose Bapi
H 2-B 9 Male Wage Advantage in Pakistan Javed Ashraf
H 2-B 17 Counter-Cyclical Advertising-Selling-Efforts (Ase) To Reduce Commodity Price Luctuations Gerrit Th.B. de Vos Ph.D
H 2-B 19 Economy Diversification: Tourism Cluster Competitiveness and Sustainability Prof. Azhar Baisakalova
H 2-B 11 Does Greater Consumption Produce Better Quality of Life? Evidence from South East Queensland, Australia Prem Chhetri &Muhammad Ismail Hossain
A 3-A 2 Microfinance in India Kamir Kothari
A 3-A 10 An Insight Into the Capital Structure Determinants of: the Pharmaceuticals Companies in Bangladesh Mahabuba Lima
A 3-A 38 Causes of Sub-prime crisis and Public Intervention  ATM Tariquzzaman, Dr. Quamrul Alam & M. Abu Yusuf
B 3-B 4 Inventory Management in a High Technology Organization: The Impact on Consumer from perspective of the thrid party logistic provider Shahadat Khan & Rober Mark Bosgraaf
B 3-B 27 A Heuristic Algorithm for Solving Two Objectives Mixed Binary Integer Linear Programming. Faizual Huq & Ziaul Huq
B 3-B 30 Inventory Mangement System with Hazardous Items of Two Parameter Exponential Distribution Mr. Azizul Baten, Anton Abdulbasah Kamil
G 4-A 29 Financial Crisis and Central Bank Independence and Governance Dr. Amirul Ahsan
G 4-A 36 Financial Performance Measures and Relationship Development Within a Bilateral Governance Stucture  Quamrul Islam
G 4-A 15 Bank Governance Effectiveness Towards Regulatory Compliance Javed Anwar and Sheikh Tanzila Deepty
G 4-A 34 The Evolution of Corporate Governance Practices in Bangladeshi Banks with the Implementation of the Code of Corporate Governance Dr. Jesmin Islam
G 4-A 22 Global Financial Crisis: A Comparative study of three representatives (US, India and Bangladesh) of three different worlds -developed, developing and least –developed Nalin Bharti (Ph.D, JNU)
E 4-B 33 Impact of Company Learning and Growth Capabilities on the Customer Perspective of the Balanced Scorecard Majidul Islam, Dr. Yi-Feng Yang & Lokman Mia
E 4-B 7 Impact of Network Formation on Entrepreneurial Performance & Growth Bashir Ahmed Bhuiyan & Dr. Mahmood Osman Imam
E 4-B 24 Emergence of Information Technology in the Kenyan banking Sector: An empirical study Richard Nyangosi & Dr. J.S. Arora
E 4-B 37 A Study on Guest Satisfaction on Different Guest Houses in Bangladesh: A Case Mr.Wahidul Habib & Nazrul Islam
J 5-A 1 Analysis of Management Tools M. Bilal Quereshi & M. Shuaib Quereshi
J 5-A 3 Mainstreaming Human Rights Norm in International Trade Policy: A Critical Assessment with particular reference to current Financial Crisis Shima Zaman
J 5-A 35 CSR: SUSTAINABLE DEVELOPMENT BY GOING GREEN Dr. Shilpa Bendale & Dr. Dr. Priti Agrawal
J 5-A 20 Macro Economy of a Least Developed Country: The Case of Bangladesh Muhammad Mahboob Ali, Anita Medhekar
I 5-B 18 Psychological Disorder In The Indian Economy During Recession Dr. Manasranjan Dashmishra, Reader, Dr. Hitendra Bargal, Professor, Mrs. Pooja Pateria, Doctoral Fellow
I 5-B 13 Investors Preference on IPOs in India Sasi Kumar & P. Vikkraman
I 5-B 31 Value Investing Strategy: Investment Strategy for all Market Conditions Dr. Tejinder Singh Rawal