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President Message

Welcome to Global Business and Management Forum (GBMF).

Whether you are a prospective member, an academician or a practitioner, or a member of the business community, I am pleased you are taking this opportunity to learn more about GBMF.

The world of business and management has changed dramatically over the years, especially in the last two decades.  Markets have become global, and rapid technological advances and their swift diffusion across the world have begun to spawn a new economy in many countries.  There is no domestic market today, and most products produced today are global composites of materials, labor, and services procured from many parts of the world.  Today research and higher education are not only about increasing competency within some discrete knowledge fields, it is also about cultural differences as a source and potential for creation, innovation, critical thinking and development. 

In this backdrop, our organization offers a platform for the international business community that encompasses processes, structures, and behaviors that are related to the global environment of business today.  GBMF was created with the foremost priority of helping academicians and practitioners from around the world with varied institutional settings and business cultures to share and learn from each other. 

One of our goals is to build closer links between research and practice, and improve the frequency and the clarity of our communication with the practitioners.  To that end, we will foster alliances with business enterprises, autonomous and government agencies to advance variety of approaches to business and management scholarship.  Our peer reviewed journal, newsletters, web-site, and international conferences are focused to achieve these goals, in addition, meet the diverse professional development needs of our members.  We will endeavor to provide a supportive and dynamic venue for members from all business settings, societies, and cultures to exchange research ideas and pedagogical approaches.  We anticipate that our web-site will become more feature rich with the passage of time, and eventually become a hub for member services and networking opportunities.

Finally, I am eager to hear your ideas about how we can make this initiative better. Please feel free to drop me an email ( and tell me how we can pay more attention to global issues and concerns related to business and management.  We seek members not only from business academics, but also from practitioners, government employees, company executives, students, and anyone interested in global business research and education.  I invite you to join us to celebrate this global perspective.

                                                                      Prof. Ziaul Huq, Ph. D.
                                          President, Global Business and Management Forum (GBMF)


GBMF also provides a forum where members from diverse cultural, political, and economic backgrounds can share their ideas as well as business and management developments of their own countries, openly and in a spirit of helpfulness.

The Forum’s activities are sponsored jointly by academic institutions, business houses, foundations, regulators and industry groups. Its annual conferences will continue to be and co-organized by an academic institution and the regulatory body or an industry group of the host country. Such cooperation greatly facilitates the sharing of important business and public policy ideas between scholars and industry and government professionals. Such cross-fertilization is the hallmark of GBMF.