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Nomination Sub-committee

Report to: Executive Committee and Board of Governors
Chaired by: Nomination Sub-committee Chair
Basic Duties: This committee, chairperson of which is appointed by the President, is responsible for identifying via nominations/recommendations by Forum members, finalizing candidates for various vacant or to-be-vacant positions within the Executive
Committee and the Board of Governors, and sending the ballot to the Forum
Secretariat for Forum members’ voting.

Conference Program Sub-committee

Report to: Executive Committee and Board of Governors
Chaired by: Vice President-Program
Basic Duties: This committee, chairperson of which is Vice President-Program, is responsible for assisting the conference organizer, especially in the areas of announcing call for papers, reviewing proposals and papers objectively, designing concurrent sessions, securing moderators, determining travel scholarship applicants, selecting best paper(s), and coordinating other conference-related works with the Conference Organizing Sub-committee.


Conference Organizing Sub-committee

Report to: Executive Committee, Board of Governors
Chaired by: Counselor General
Basic Duties: This committee is responsible for planning and executing the annual conference and working closely with the Conference Program Sub-committee in the areas of designing conference Program, assisting travel scholarship fund raising, and coordinating other conference-related works.


GBMF holds its annual conferences usually in the second week of May. The annual conference is commonly organized by a local educational institution, the regulatory authority, and or an industrial organization.