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The Forum

Today’s business is globalized. There is not a single business in this world which is not international. As markets continue to liberalize to foster stronger and more sustained economic growth, businesses and governments witness a surge in demand for more and better business information. This information can only be assembled by the assembly of thoughts of the intellectuals. GBMF is a Forum which can be instrumental to foster such development by assembling such intellectuals by arranging annual conferences, publishing newsletter and journal and research notes etc. The hallmark of such institution is the creation and dissemination of business information in the form of research, interaction, sharing opinions, teaching, and public service. It becomes crucial for academic and others with an interest in business and management to learn from each other and to network with other institutions facing similar circumstances. The Global Business and Management Forum (GBMF) – a US based Forum was created on 18 October 2007 to facilitate these objectives. It seeks to provide a forum for dialogue, collaborative teaching and research, and knowledge sharing among the academic, practitioners, and regulatory bodies involved in business and its management, and related fields throughout the world for the benefit of global business and for the ultimate benefit of human being as a whole. The specific objectives of GBMF as are:

  1. to promote research in all significant aspects of business and management;
  2. to propagate best of breed practices in business and management;
  3. to provide a global platform for business and management educators and practioners;
  4. to publish materials, research findings, books that contribute to the advancement of knowledge in all business disciplines;
  5. to develop and maintain relations with national and international organizations that have similar objectives in propagating business knowledge;
  6. to facilitate constructive links between business scholars for the purpose of furthering the stated objectives of the forum;
  7. to bring together scholars and practioners in all business and management disciplines and provide an international platform to exchange research findings and pedagogical approaches.


It is indeed a global forum that will draw members throughout the world. The Forum’s policy is to encourage networking and knowledge sharing by inviting participation from all countries’ of the world academics, executives, researchers, and government leaders interested in business and management scholarship, education, and training.

GBMF also provides a forum where members from diverse cultural, political, and economic backgrounds can share their ideas as well as business and management developments of their own countries, openly and in a spirit of helpfulness.

The Forum’s activities are sponsored jointly by academic institutions, business houses, foundations, regulators and industry groups. Its annual conferences will continue to be and co-organized by an academic institution and the regulatory body or an industry group of the host country. Such cooperation greatly facilitates the sharing of important business and public policy ideas between scholars and industry and government professionals. Such cross-fertilization is the hallmark of GBMF.